Our References

Satisfied Clients! We are pleased to present a very short list of satisfied clients, from our thousands of world wide appraisals conducted since 1958.

United States Government, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Appraisal and Sales Assistance
$5.4 million in gold coins held as collateral

United States Government, Federal Bureau of Investigation
Appraisal and Sales assistance for attorney’s representing
Owner of seized coins.

Medal of Honor Recipient Richard Sorenson
One of 174 living Medal awardees.
Reno, Nevada. Stamp collection.

Estate Appraisal for eventual sale
Santa Ana California
Including 1893-s dollar, various gold coins and gold bars

Storage Unit San Diego
Appraisal for purposes of a loan
494 boxes of coins

Famous Old California Name
Appraisal and Sale of large quantity of gold Canadian
Maple Leafs, world gold coins, $1000 bills

Pepperdine University
Stamp appraisal for donation

Loyola Marymount University
Stamp and Coin donation and sale

Stamp collection
Quito, Ecuador
Appraisal for sale of Switzerland stamp collection

Reno, Nevada
Appraisal and sale of dozens of albums US paper money,
Type set of US coins, date sets of coins

Carson City Nevada
Appraisal for sale of 250+ collection of Antique Clocks
Including Mantle, forest, European, and school house

Bedfordshire, England
Appraisal First Day cover and stamp collection

Redondo Beach California
Appraisal for sale of 10’s of thousands various tokens and Medals

Yorba Linda California
Appraisal for Estate division, large coin lot including 1894S$, many gold coins, 900 silver dollars, Canadian coins

Manhattan, Kansas
Large lot silver coins and British Mint sets

Santo Domingo Mine, Peru
Appraisal for sale Gold Nugget necklace

Irvine California coin collection
Appraisal $90K, when gold was $900 an ounce

Boys Town Nebraska donation
Escondido California stamp lot

Entire Stamp Store and Auction Inventory
40 years in Sacramento
Filled a 20 foot truck

Department Store stamps and coins
19 shipping cases

Pratts entire Foreign stock
Abilene Texas

World wide new issue stock
Seattle area, 60 cubic feet

Foreign show stock
Twin dealer well known in Midwest
130 boxes mostly mint on 100,000sales cards

Coast Stamp and Coin
Fresno, California store inventory

“E.S.” Gold Medal collection
Washington-Franklin Postal History

Lester Glass Estate, Los Angeles
Specialized Russia and China
Hundreds of albums and stock books

Dr. Miller collection and hoard, Riverside CA
US plate blocks and sheets
2 tons

Dockweiller early 1900’s collection
Los Angeles
US and Foreign. Strong 6 figures

Upstate New York dealers stock
‘Back room’ 64 boxes

Milwaukee Lincoln Lindy Mint Postage Stamp Co.
Yes, a real name.
1900 stock books, 500 albums, 100 boxes

Central California
500 box lot of covers, 15000 pounds weight
500,000+ covers

‘R.H. British Commonwealth show stock

German Philatelic Society President’s collection
Various specialized collections

Victor Carter collection, Beverly Hills
World wide mint sheet lot, 3500 pounds weight
1500 mint sheet files

Clyde Maxwell Western Hemisphere specialist
350 albums, 70 boxes