Appraisal Services

Knowing that important philatelic and numismatic collections (yes, we appraise paper money too!) are often quite bulky and not easily transported, the Institute is prepared to conduct appraisals on-site, in your home or office. After consultation with you, we will dispatch our most qualified expert, familiar with your type of collection, to your location.


We offer you the unparalleled experience of engaging actual traders in the market place, experts who will view your collection. The Institute’s two dozen plus regional representatives have expert knowledge that goes well beyond that of the local stamp or coin dealer, or auctioneer. A fine stamp or coin collection requires international expertise that is well versed in the owner’s collecting area, relevant currencies, and international market trends in order to maximize the return for the owner.

Truly important properties will be viewed by a specialist from our Los Angeles headquarters. We are a member of numerous stamp and coin societies, and life members of the major societies and associations

Helping You

Whether it be for a private sale, or a museum deaccession, it is important to obtain a complete and accurate fair market appraisal for your fine rare stamp and/or coin collection. We are here to help you.

If you are ready to take the next step, please complete an appraisal request form for collections, regardless of the estimated worth of your stamp or coin collection. If you only have a few single stamps or coins, please use the appraisal request form for individual items. We will respond to you as soon as possible